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Nomura Braid

Nomura Sensum Fluo Yellow Braid

4 strands 100% PE braid.

Abrasion Resistant

Special for Reel Spooling

Length: 100 Metres

Size: From 0.08 to 0.18mm

Nomura ISEI reel

13+1 Japanese stainless steel ball bearings

Stainless steel shaft and drive gear

Waterproof sealings

One way clutch

Spare aluminium spool

ratio: 5.3:1

Sizes: 2500 & 3500

Capacity: 0.23 mm – 200 mts

0.37 mm – 150 mts

Nomura_SENSHI FD Reel

super strong special design naked stainless steel body & handle

9+1 stainless steel Japanese ball bearings

advanced one way clutch

carbon washers micrometric drag

anti twist power roller

oversized hollow bail arm

advanced computer balanced rotor

ergonomic carbon handle with EVA knob

spare spool in aluminium

sizes: 3000 & 4000

Nomura_Aichi Tubular Tip Rod

30 T carbon material

master lu re and casting control

FUJI guides & reel seat

saltwater treatment

ideal for spinning & shore jigging

casting weight from  1 gr to 35 grms

lengths: 1.95 mts to 2.59 mts

Nomura_HIRO Solid Tip Rod

30 T carbon material

master lure and casting control

FUJI guides and reel seat

casting weight from  2 gr to 35 grs

lengths: 1.95 mts to 2.59 mts

Nomura_MAG PRO Lure

length: 14cm

weight: 44 gr

action: floating with depth from 0 to 7 mts

6 different colours

57111014red goldC
57114414tiger fighter
57110214pro blue mak
57106114hot head
57109314pearl tiger

Nomura_HARU lure

length: 14 cm

weight: 32 gr

action: sinking with depth from 0 to 1,8 mts

6 different colours

58110314pro blue violetC
58111114red head
58112914silver gold
58111014red gold
58102914fuxia silver blue
58101814deep blue

Nomura_Wild Pencil

length: 8.8 cm

weight: 8 gr

action: top water

4 different colours

51812708dark greenC
51813208silver pink
51801108blue violet
51808308natural light blue


length: 5 cm & 14 cm

weight: 2.5 gr & 44 gr

action: floating with depth from 0 to 0.5 mts the 5 cm & 0 to 2.5 cm the 14 cm

8 different colours of each size

56107708-14multi shinerC
56102208-14fire tiger
56108508-14natural green
56102108-14dot shiner
56108908-14perch shiner
56106108-14hot head


length: 5 cm

weight: 2.1 gr

action: sinking from 0.2 to 0.6 mts

6 different colours

60313405silver pink yellowC
60308305natural light blue
60300405black red silver
60311005red gold
60314605tiger skin


length: 3 cm

weight: 2.4 gr

action: sinking with depth from 0.6 to 1.2 mts

6 different colours

60116803green yellow redC
60117003gold red dots
60116703natural perch
60117103multi dots
60108103natural trout

Nomura_Umi metal jig

length : 4.8 cm weight : 7 gr

length: 8.2 cm weight: 40 gr

5 different colours

Nomura Misako Sato Umi Jigs

available from 10 gr to 40 gr in 3 different colours: silver, pink, blue

It is an awesome metal jig equipped with single hook stainless steel VMC saltwater resistant.

It is an amazing killer with his new colors of the body, different on each of the two sides (one side striped and another one full colored), the silver one have fluo stripes. These beautiful color effects make the predator crazy.

Use it for vertical fishing but also for fishing at street pilings or at jetty as well for casting, also on shore and inshore anglers who fish for coalfish and cod will be very pleased with Sato Jig