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HIKARU – Japanese Technology Monofilament

– High Smoothness

*100 Mts & * 1000 mts Clear colour

Diameters from 0,16 mm

upto 0,80 mm

NINJA – 100% Fluorocarbon High Quality Line

– Made In Japan

– Invivsible in Water

*50 Mts

Diameters from 0,14 mm

upto 0,60 mm

NINJA Extra Strong Monofilament

– Made in Japan

*150 Mts Natural colour

Diameters: from 0,14 mm

upto 0,40mm

Relix Tru Power Super Strong Braid

spools of 100 mts continous

Grey colour

sizes: 15 lbs, 40 lbs, 80 lbs

Relix Fantastic 8 Braid *  150 mts

Twisted yarn made of 100% with 8 PE fibers Teflon coated.

Extra-Strong to the knot and abrasion resistance, low water absorption rate.

Eight fibers braided spiral, give an extreme strength and softness, fully waterproof by its Teflon coating.

Total absence of memory

Sugoi Power Shot Braid *100 mts

Twisted yarn made of 100% PE fibers. Extra-Strong to the knot and abrasion.

Ultra thin diameters which allow smooth and precise sets completely waterproof, ultra handling, thanks to treatment with resin.

Special Anti-abrasion system with a low coefficient of friction.

Total absence of memory.

Sugoi Japanese XT Braid * 100 mts

Twisted thread made in Japan, made of 100% PE fibers braided spiral.
Extremely soft and strong knot and abrasion, with a low rate of water absorption.
It also incorporates the new round profile ideal for achieving long distances, with which it is possible to reduce the friction coefficient, favoring the sliding of the thread through the rings.

Color Moss Green