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006Pirotta Fishing Centre of Gzira was established as a retail fishing tackle outlet by the late, Louis Pirotta just after the war. So now Pirotta can boost of a continuous span in the fishing trade of over 75 years, with the most experienced staff in the fishing tackle trade in Malta.

In the late 1960’s Charles Pirotta took over the business from his father and converted the shop to give it a more modern look. He changed the name from Pirotta to Pirotta Fishing Centre.

Since Louis Pirotta was also a professional fisherman, he passed his knowledge to his son Charles. By this knowledge Charles, started producing tackles to satisfy the particular requirements of his clients.
e_MG_4633_4_5[2]Later in 1995 he introduced his daughter, Maria, in the business and together they started importing products from renowned brands such as Nomura, Lineaeffe fishing tackle products from Italy, Vmc hooks from France, Spanyid spinners and blades from Australia, and many other brands, such as Akami, DTD, Sele, Zunzun, Shimano, Yamashita, Yozuri, etc.

Another novelty was the introduction of the Pisces brand on tailor made and furnished tackles. The latest under this brand name are the swivels made in Japan, calibrated and sized to recognised International standards.